About Us

OTAK Trading & Contracting has been recognized as a reputable electromechanical supplier & manufactures representative in the Egyptian market since its formation in 1998. The company has enjoyed a steady growth since its startup and has successfully satisfied many needs of its customers.


OTAK has main 4 main pillars such as Earthing & Lightning protection, Cathodic protection for corrosion control of submerged metallic structures, Solar System as well as construction electrical materials supply.

OTAK MEP provides end to end solutions in electromechanical contracting services for commercial, residential and industrial construction projects such as electrical medium voltage, low current, earthing, lightning, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, plumbing, firefighting and irrigation for more details please visit www.otakmep.com

Earthing & lightning protection

We provide an end to end solution (including: design, supply, installation & testing) for new aspects, projects and inspection of exiting systems as well.

Oil & Gas Solutions

In OTAK we leverage a turnkey solution for the following business areas:

    • Cathodic Protection Systems.
    • Coating & Corrosion Control Systems.
    • Pipeline repairs.
    • Storage Tank Accessories & devices (Breather Valve, Flame Arrestor,…)
    • Explosion proof equipment.
    • Large & small diameter pipelines & fittings.

Construction electrical materials (Industrial / Power Station / Rail Ways / Buildings)

    • Rigid galvanized steel conduits & fittings
    • PVC  Conduits & Fittings
    • Flexible steel conduit
    • Aircraft warning lights
    • Floor boxes, wall trunking & mini column
    • Passive fire stop material
    • Cable Lugs & C-Clamps – Cable Glandes

Solar Energy Solution